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The course is a 10-week virtual class that help stylists who want to professionalize their skills and take their business to the next level. This is an intensive course of 2 classes a week plus a weekly check in.  Isobel and Kim are your tutors each week with the addition of weekly guests , experts from all areas of the fashion Industry.

The course not only covers the basics to advanced skills but will also teach you the business acumen you need to earn a 6-figure income as a stylist.  You will learn how to avoid costly billing mistakes rookies make and understand how to master virtual styling in today’s world. You will be taught fashion terminology so that you too can sound like an expert, brand exposure and how to acquire more clients and keep them.

Even if you are a seasoned stylist, this is still an essential investment to your personal development and growth in this very competitive industry. It will focus on the experience you already have and channel it into your business for the next phase of your career.

Course details:

  • 10 weeks of training

  • 20 virtual classes over zoom

  • 10 mindful habit classes over zoom.

  • Weekly assignments and tasks with feedback.

  • Two 1:1 consultations for your own personal business and styling needs.

  • On completion of module assignments, you will receive accreditation

Don't miss the last session of 2022 - Starting September 20th, 2022




Styling men is a very different skill set to styling women and having the knowledge to do both will double your revenue as a stylist.  This 5 week course will teach you how to confidently style men and talk their language. You will learn how to measure and know which brands and blocks work for your clients. You will learn how a man’s wardrobe appointment is successfully executed with the different elements and mathematical analysis.  An overview of men’s tailoring body shapes is also a fundamental part of the course, along with advanced knowledge of this new area of styling, to enable you to add more services to your business and upscale effortlessly to the next level in your career.

Course details:

  • 5 weeks of training,

  • 10 virtual classes over zoom

  • Weekly assignments and tasks with feedback. 

  • Two 1:1 consultations for your own personal business and styling needs.

  • An accredited certificate on completion of all module assignments.

Next session begins October 4th, 2022



Coming soon.

3 day immersive styling retreat where you will brush up on some styling techniques.  Push your boundaries as a stylist, work with brands that inspire you, develop business mindset skills and practices that will help your business thrive.  This is a personal improvement course for the creative stylist.  Start the day with some mindful practice or a high intensity exercise and learn how Kim & Isobel conduct their businesses and lives.

You will also have your own photoshoot that you can either style or be styled for your own digital photographs. Ideal for those who are already working stylists.

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